Primary School pastoral care

Homeroom Teacher

All students are taught PSHLE (Personal Social Health and Leadership Education) which develops the students’ moral and global awareness and provide them with the foundations to become Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now.


School Counsellor

We have a full-time qualified School Counsellor who also provides emotional support to the students. The School Counsellor works with the students in Primary and Secondary in a range of age-appropriate ways and coordinates with the class teachers and when necessary.


School Nurse

The School Nurse

  • provides medical care in the Primary and Secondary schools throughout the school day.
  • provides first aid treatment throughout the school day and during school events such as the Sports Day, Swimming Gala and Inter House Games.
  • organises immunisation and vaccination through liaison with a local clinic at appropriate intervals.
  • holds medical records which are confidential and created when a student joins the school. When necessary the School Nurse should be informed of any updates to their child’s medical record.
  • administers and supervises medication; students who need to take medication should bring them to the School Nurse for safe-keeping during the school day.