Student Leadership

We have a strong prefect body led by the Year 11 Head Prefects. The prefects form part of the Prefect Working Groups: Student Council, House Events, Student Ambassadors, Charities and Fundraising, Co-Curricular Learning and Paramount Championship. Each working group is responsible for an area of the school and working with a teacher adviser, strives to make a change in the school.

Our Student Council is made up of class representatives who are voted in at the beginning of each academic year and members of the Student Council Prefect working group. The Student Council conducts meetings to discuss areas which students would like to see improvements in and how to put their ideas into practice. Other opportunities to develop leadership skills include:

  • House Leadership
  • SKIS Year 10 Leadership Development Programme
  • Eco-School Club Leadership
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  • Leo Club
  • People-To-People-International (PTPI) Student Chapter
  • Paramount Championship (student-led Talent Show)
  • Leadership in lessons

Members of our Student Council serve as ambassadors of the school by leading school tours during Open Days and assisting during Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs). Students in the Charities and Fundraising working group work tirelessly to raise money and awareness during a number of events throughout the year including the ReadATon and Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Our charity partners of the year, as voted in by our students are UNICEF Malaysian and Make-A-Wish Malaysia. Our student exchange programmes, leadership and motivational camps, educational trips and community projects all build confidence and self-esteem. This culminates in a balanced and holistic development of every student.

The annual Paramount Championship, a student-led talent show, takes place during the first term of the academic year. Students participate in a range of events covering creative and academic fields. The Paramount Championship would rival any TV talent show!

The students learn to become Tomorrow’s Leaders, Here and Now in lessons too. Lower in the school we have class representatives and monitors and throughout the school during lessons, group work is established to encourage all students to take turns as being leaders.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is offered at SKISS with students from Year 10 upwards.  Bronze is offered in Year 10, Silver in Year 11 and the very prestigious Gold award to our IB students.

The D of E Award is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop holistically by taking steps into the unknown and by working outside their comfort zones in order to acquire new experiences that help them to survive in an ever-changing world.  Students complete 3 sections throughout the year: volunteering (service), physical recreation & skill and developing already existing or new skills. Some students take the opportunity to learn a new instrument, language, sport or develop their cooking skills.

The highlight for most of the students, but also the most challenging, is the adventurous journey where participants trek in the jungles of Malaysia, carrying everything they need for the weekend with them and learning to survive in the wild.

Over the course of this weekend the students walk, cook, eat and camp in groups which means that everyone has to learn to coexist and function effectively as a team. Students learn new skills such as map reading, pacing, rope knots and first aid as well as developing key characteristics such as decision making. Students take it in turns to lead and learn how to work as a team in a pressurised environment.  

The life-skills that are developed through the programme set these students apart from their non D of E peers with similar academic results.  Universities recognise the benefits of this programme and support the D of E institution wholeheartedly.


PTPI Student Chapter

People to People International (PTPI) creates lasting cross-cultural connections between citizens of countries worldwide to help them explore global issues, serve and enrich their diverse communities, and become more effective leaders in creating a more peaceful world. The mission of PTPI is to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among people of different countries and diverse cultures. Its mission is to build a cross-cultural network of engaged and knowledgeable everyday citizen leaders into an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

With a presence in more than 160 countries, PTPI’s foundation is built on four pillars comprising: Experience; Connect; Learn; Lead. Students involved in PTPI participate in a range of activities including fundraising, leadership coaching, cultural awareness and environmental conservation. Initiated in 1956 by then US President Dwight Eisenhower, the concept of People to People represented part of his lifelong crusade for peace. He believed that citizens around the world could achieve peace more effectively without government interference. Eisenhower’s vision to enhance international understanding and friendship translates into action by thousands of PTPI members globally, whose efforts enrich their communities and nations.