Sport At SKIS

Mrs Rafee, our principal, will often say that she wants us to the become the best International School in the world. In the PE department we fundamentally buy into this aspirational target. We have assembled a talented group of teachers who consistently deliver lessons of high quality to an engaged student population. We cater for the needs of all students within the group and have established a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities. 

All SKISS, we want our students to be proud to represent the school and the country whether they compete in inter-school or in international competitions. They are encouraged to explore and investigate the world around them in a tolerant and respectful manner. The PE department promotes these values within lessons and through competitive fixtures with other schools. Each year we participate in the MSSD/S/M competitions demonstrating our desire to work closely with the local community and succeed in nationally-organised competitions. We are also very proud to be involved in the Federation of British International Schools In Asia (FOBISIA) and compete in tournaments against other British international schools in Asia.

In order to become truly successful it is important that we develop the whole individual to enable them to flourish in a challenging and ever changing world. Within PE lessons students are challenged to demonstrate the 4Rs characteristics on a daily basis. Whether it is taking on the role of team captain in the U13s netball, House Key Stage leader selecting individuals for the swimming gala, or a warm-up coordinator in a KS3 lesson, all students develop the soft skills that will allow them to become truly successful in their adult lives.

Sports Facilities

At SKIS provide our students with state-of-the-art facilities in order for them to fully meet their potential. We have a number of purpose built sports facilities that students can access throughout the year, both during the school day and after school. Below are a selection of some of them.

  Tennis Court

Tennis Court

  Swimming Pool    

Swimming Pool


  All Weather Field    

All Weather Field


  Netball Court

Netball Court

  Futsal Court

Futsal Court

 Dance Studio

Dance Studio

Sporting Opportunities

School Sports Competition

Sri KDU International School is committed to providing our young people with the opportunity to showcase their sporting skills and talents as well as develop a multitude of qualities, and characteristics that will set them apart form other individuals their age.

The benefit of competing in sport and exercise has been well documented and here at SKIS we are passionate about instilling a passion for sport, a detailed understanding of what it is to be healthy, and a commitment to lifelong participation in physical activity.

We believe that through involvement in competitive fixtures and competitions our students will learn to work as part of a team, cope with success and failure, communicate more effectively with all individuals around them and become more confident, self-disciplined, high achieving young adults.


Intra-school competition

Each year the school runs 3 internal sporting competitions. These are the Inter-House Games (IHG), the Swimming Gala, and the Annual Sports Day.

Inter-House Games (IHG)

The IHG runs every October and include 4 sports, namely badminton, netball, football and handball. Students in Years 7-10 are given the chance to compete in the games which take place over the course of one week. Preliminary matches are staged in each event after school with the finals being played on the Friday. Students are taken off timetable to participate and to support their peers with the final results being announced in assembly and published in the parental bulletin.

Swimming gala

The swimming gala is an annual event that occurs in March. Students in all years groups compete in races over the course of 5 hours. Each year group will be taken off timetable for one hour to complete their section of the gala, to minimise the disruption to their lessons. There are boys and girls races in freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke, and butterfly, as well as 4x25m freestyle relay.

Sports Day

The major sporting event of the school calendar is the sports day which is held every May. Students from Years 7-10 participate in both track and field events.

Inter-School competition


Every year SKIS students are invited to join the 'Majlis Sukan Sekolah Daerah' or MSSD competitions. Students are encouraged to enter a multitude of sports ranging from Chess to Rhythmic Gymnastics. Students who perform particularly well are selected by the tournament organisers to represent the district and state in the MSSS and MSSM competitions. We are proud at SKIS to have a number of students represent their district and state in a variety of sports in recent years. We look forward to producing many more state representatives in the years to come.


As senior council members of the International Sports Association of Kuala Lumpur we have a proven track record in organising sporting competitions in a number of different sports. In 2016 we hosted the ISAKL U13/15 boys Football and U14/16 girls Netball competitions. In these events we routinely finish in medal positions and our students represent themselves and the school fantastically.

KL Sports League

We are delighted to announce that this academic year we are competing in the KL Sports League. Students will be given the opportunity to compete on a regular basis in Netball, Basketball, and Football against established International Schools in the KL area.


In recognition of all the hard work across the school, we have been accepted into the highly prestigious Federation of British International Schools In Asia. This incredible achievement allows us to participate in the various sporting competitions that are held each year around Asia. This academic year we had a successful first outing in the FOBISIA U15 Games and we are looking forward to another one when we participate in the upcoming U13 FOBISIA Games. As both events are held in Phuket, it present an extremely exciting opportunity for our students to demonstrate their skills against athletes from some of the finest schools around the region.