The quality of the curriculum is outstanding. It is broad and balanced and is very successful in offering wider opportunities for all students to develop their particular talents.
— ISQM Report February 2017
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Sri KDU International Primary School (SKIPS), uses the UK National Curriculum as a tool to inspire, motivate, discover and explore student talent and potential.  Learning is approached through themes.  Alongside this, the Building Learning Power programme helps children understand themselves as learners, develop their learning habits and develop skills for life-long learning.

SKIPS provides an engaging and stimulating environment where children from a wide range of nationalities participate in challenging learning experiences, work co-operatively and independently, develop friendships and social skills, take part in physical activities and develop into successful students and life-long learners.

The curriculum is modified as necessary to ensure engagement and challenge for all and students’ skills across a range of subjects are developed in meaningful and interesting contexts.
— ISQM Report February 2017

SKIPS Primary students are taught the necessary skills and are continually encouraged to take an increasing responsibility for their own learning and assume more responsibility for their own behaviour, so that they can make the right choices and develop as responsible young people.

Each student's progress is monitored throughout the year using a variety of assessment tools, including classwork, homework, projects, formal assessments along with peer and self-assessment. Progress is reported formally to parents with two reports each year, Parent and Teacher conferences and Student-Led Conferences but parents are very welcome to discuss their child's progress with teachers at more frequent intervals.

Our team of highly motivated, caring teachers are able to use a variety of stimulating teaching methods to successfully facilitate children's learning. They are hardworking and conscientious, striving to ensure each student in their care reaches their full potential, not only academically, but also socially, physically and emotionally.

Our class teachers are trained and qualified in the UK to teach across a variety of age ranges and subjects. Subjects taught by class teachers are: English, Maths, Theme (Geography, History, Art, ICT, DT), Science, Personal Social Health Leadership Education PHSLE).  

Specialist teachers are used throughout Primary for Mandarin, Malay, Music and Swimming.

Specialist teachers are used in KS2 (Year 3-6) for PE. Islamic studies is also provided for our Muslim students through specialist teaching staff.

In SKIPS, we encourage the children to be aware of, and develop, good learning behaviour through promotion of Building Learning Power and the 4Rs. These attitudes to learning are introduced through School Assemblies and a half termly focus on each of the Rs where children begin to develop an understanding that good learners are; reflective, resilient, resourceful and reciprocative. These learning attitudes are then valued and embedded into all our classroom practice.