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Our Top Achievers Jerric Chong Yijie obtained an impressive 12 straight A*s while Ho Li-Enn obtained 11A*, 1A!

We also had the following students who obtained 11 straight A*s!

  • Craig Hong Jie Hao
  • Cheong Yun Li
  • Ethan Ong E Chern
  • Lee Mei Jing
  • Loo Yang Ching
  • Ng Su Fey

13% of students attained 11A*/As while 20% gained 10A*/As

  Source: SKIS

Source: SKIS

From our 2018 cohort,

  • 62% achieved A*/A
  • 81% achieved A*- B
  • 93% achieved A*- C

This means that 93% of students gained credits in their examinations.

Cambridge ICE

Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) exposes students to a broad and balanced curriculum and enables them to demonstrate competence in a wide range of subjects. Students are required to take subjects from five curriculum areas:

  • 2 from Languages
  • 1 from Humanities
  • 1 from Sciences
  • 1 from Mathematics
  • 1 from Creative & Vocational

There is 100% Pass Rate in the Cambridge ICE with 96% at Merit and above. Of this, there are 62% Distinctions.


A*/A Grades

For subjects with high performance, 9 subjects achieved more than 60% A*/A which is the international benchmark for excellent performance:

  Note: Chemistry is 35% above the world average (based on 2017) and 100% A*-C.

Note: Chemistry is 35% above the world average (based on 2017) and 100% A*-C.

There are 11 subjects which achieved at least 10% above the world average (based on 2017) with Music being the highest at 45% above the world average.

A*-C Grades

As SKIS is an inclusive school that takes students of a wide range of ability, we are proud of the performance of students using the A*-C measure.

There are 6 subjects with 100% A*-C grades

  • Art and Design
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese 1st Language
  • Malay
  • Mandarin MFL
  • Music

There are also 10 subjects with at least 10% above the world average for A*-C with Art being the highest at 37% above the world average.

92% of students have at least 5 A*-C (5 credits)


*The 2018 world average has not been released at the time of this publishing.