SKIS Eco Day 2018

The day started with the lunch time Bazaar event. Many parents and children got involved with selling food, drinks, handmade soap, recycled notebooks and many games that included some element of sustainability. Afterwards students attended the main Eco Day event, which included two excellent and inspiring speakers, dances, the Eco Fashion Show and an awards ceremony. The speakers fascinated the students with their activities, interesting facts and outstanding visuals. Both speakers were passionate about the environment and the role that students have to play in ensuring the future is bright for the next generation. Students were excited and enthusiastic, with a huge number opting to speak and give their ideas to the rest of the school. The speeches were followed by an outstanding performance from the SKIPS students who worked beautifully as a group and gave an excellent hip hop performance. The main event was the Fashion Show, where 35 students made recycled outfits and strutted their stuff on the catwalk. All students were incredibly brave walking out in front of the school and the outfits were stunning. One member of the audience commented on the number of “couture” pieces that could be seen and everyone was very impressed with the amount of effort and work that went into each piece. A huge congratulations to everyone involved in putting on this fantastic event and especially to the SKIPS and SKISS Eco Council for all their hard work in ensuring a wonderfully interesting and informative day.