SKIS Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Week

In October, Sri KDU International School (SKIS) held a very successful Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women in Malaysia and at SKIS, we understand the importance and need to advocate Breast Cancer Awareness among our students. Breast Cancer Awareness Week is one of the main fundraising events at SKIS and this year it was filled with lots of engaging games and activities such as the bake sale and carnival games that brought the school together to support an important cause.


The primary school held a House event where the children produced everything from sweet treats to bracelets, pink ribbons to bookmarks and even t-shirts. Everything that was made was later sold during the SKIPS Breast Cancer Awareness Bake Sale which took place on the same day in the afternoon. The children also needed to decorate their display boards to ensure that their booth looked its best and attracted the most buyers.


As for the secondary school, it was led by the IB Junior team which organised different activities that took place throughout the week and it allowed students from all year groups to get involved and make a difference to their community. The events that were held throughout the week included a day filled with carnival games such as tug-of-war; a PSHLE activity which involved each class spending time to create empowering cards of kindness for the breast cancer patients; an Annual Mufti Day where students could wear a pink outfit of their choosing and a bake sale in which students could participate as vendors.


The total raised by the entire school was RM9,671.70. The funds raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia which support current Breast Cancer survivors, as well as Cancer Research Malaysia which conducts research in niche cancers often found in Asian populations.


The event was an excellent way for students to understand the true meaning of global engagement and it was an extremely valuable and enriching experience for them, showing commitment and perseverance all the way.