Goldilocks Rocks in SKIPS!

In English, we have been story-mapping the tale as well as writing apology letters to the three bears! 

Goldilocks 1.jpg
Goldilocks 5.jpg
Goldilocks 4.jpg

In Maths, we have been focusing on measurement where they had to answer three questions: How tall are the three bear’s chairs? How long are the three bear’s beds? How deep are the three bear’s bowls? The children worked in teams and had to choose a non-standard measurement unit to complete their task.

Goldilocks 6.jpg
Goldilocks 3.jpg

In Science, we looked at the 5 senses! In groups, we tried Daddy Bear’s, Mummy Bear’s and Baby Bear’s porridge and discussed what it tasted like. We then wrote our opinions on post-it notes by the bowls!

Goldilocks 7.jpg