Hoots Mon – Scottish Dancing arrives at SKIS

This week in PE students are participating in a series of lessons that look to introduce students to activities not currently covered within the PE curriculum. The PE department is passionate about ensuring all of our students develop a lifelong commitment to involvement in physical activity regardless of what that activity may be. We are all aware of the many health benefits of physical exercise and we want all SKIS students to find an activity that they can be passionate about. Over the next 2 weeks students will have the chance to participate in Volleyball, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Orienteering, and Scottish dancing sessions.

Scottish Dancing 1.jpg

Today, Mr Grant, led a group of year 9 students in a Scottish dancing or Ceilidh lesson. At first the students were somewhat apprehensive and were not too sure what to expect. After a few minutes the students quickly found their feet and really enjoyed the session. We were also lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Rafee who had a go at a ‘Gay Gordon’. By the end of the lesson the students had learnt a simple routine and were able to apply this to different genres of music, traditional and modern. We are very fortunate to have Mr Grant here this year. He is an experienced Scottish Dance teacher and it is fantastic having a positive male role model leading an activity of this nature to our students. The rest of the PE team also deserve a special mention for their effort if not for their ability!