SKISS Bring In The Medals At The FOBISIA Under 15 Games

We are delighted to announce that this year Sri KDU International School will be entering teams into the FOBISIA games competitions. The 3 day sporting competitions, held in Thailand, bring together some of the most prestigious International School from around Asia. Students selected represent the school in the sports of Swimming, Athletics, Football, and Basketball. This year we will be entering the U15 and U13 competitions.

On Thursday 2nd of November the U15 FOBISIA squad returned from Phuket, Thailand where they had been competing in the FOBISIA games. This was the first time students from Sri KDU International School had participated in the FOBISIA games which sees top International Schools from around Asia competing in a series of sports over a period of 4 days.

FOBISIA Games 1.jpg

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the tour was incredibly successful with some outstanding team and individual performances. The competition was divided into 4 sporting categories and SKIS finished in the top 3 in each event, which is truly incredible as this was our first time participating in the games. We are especially pleased to announce that we came first in the Athletics competition. There were 6 schools competing and many of them had had previous experience within FOBISIA so it was encouraging that we were able to perform so well against these established FOBISIA schools.

In total, SKIS students won an amazing 125 medals. Nigel and Natalia were immense in the pool, Elvan, Xin Wei, Helena amongst others performed superbly in the Athletics and Ting Jie, Si En, Sofia, Zoe Tan were the outstanding performers in the Football and Basketball. However, all students played their part in what was a true team effort. The students represented themselves, their families, the school and the country extremely well throughout and deserve a huge amount of praise for their efforts.

FOBISIA Games 2.jpg

It is also important to recognise other individuals who played their part in making this trip so successful. I would like to say a personal thank you to Ms Yuzie and Mr Omar who were brilliant throughout the week guiding and supporting the students. Mr Grant, Mr Dell, and Ms Sue also must be thanked for their work behind the scenes preparing the students during training sessions.

The senior leadership team along with the finance department have also all been so supportive and helpful in what is a mammoth organisational task. And finally, the trip would not have taken place without the support of parents. It is always an enormous responsibility looking after someone else’s children, especially when the trip planned takes place in another country. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously here at school and I wanted to thank all the parents for putting your trust in us as a school and enabling your children to experience this wonderful event. A special thank you must go to the parents and family who joined us in Thailand, Mr and Mrs Low, Mr and Mrs Lopez, Mr Sidhu, and Mr Shamsuddin. They were also a credit to the school and gave outstanding and appropriate support to the students throughout the week.

Below is a list of the overall results:


  • Swimming – 3rd
  • Athletics – 1st
  • Boys Football – 2nd
  • Girls Football – 2nd
  • Boys Basketball – 2nd
  • Girls Basketball – 3rd


  • Swimming – 27 medals
  • Athletics – 46 medals
  • Football – 26 medals
  • Basketball – 26 medals

We now begin the process of preparing the U13 for the games that are due to take place in February.