Celebrating Year 10 Creativity in Literacy

This academic year, as part of their IGCSE in English Literature, Year 10 students have been reading the novel "My Antonia" by American author Willa Cather. The story is set in Nebraska in the late 1800s when American migrants and European immigrants were drawn to frontier towns in The Land of Opportunity in pursuit of a better life. Cather depicts the reality that these pioneering men and women faced, a reality that didn't always live up to the ideals encapsulated in The American Dream. This theme echoes Steinbeck's novella "Of Mice and Men" which is studied in Year 9.

As well as developing their critical thinking skills and conducting close textual analysis, students in Mrs. Gwilt's classes have been exploring some of the novel's recurring themes, characters and their development as well as the context of production out of which the novel arose including prevailing attitudes and values. Students impressed with original musical compositions, alternative books covers, character 'self-portraits', interior monologues, comic strips, diary entries and poems. Seasons were personified and characters' conflicts were brought to life in a way that showcased students' personal response skills, empathetic connection and emotional intelligence