Malaysian National Public Speaking Competition

There were three rounds for the Preliminary, held on 25th November, which were:
Round 1 - Prepared Speech of their choice for three minutes;
Round 2 - Themed Prepared Speech for three minutes; and
Round 3 - Impromptu Speech for three minutes.

The students from SKIPS were as follows:

1. Gokul Vaihunthan (Year 4);
2. Zara Nur Shasmeen (Year 6);
3. Aidan Dean (Year 6);
4. Ashmita a/p Sivakumar (Year 5);
5. Ashrrita a/p Sivakumar (Year 5); and
6. Tristan Khoo (Year 6).

Despite being the younger speakers for the Junior category, our students performed very well. At the end of the Preliminary, Gokul scored the highest point in the Junior Category (even though he was the youngest speaker in the whole competition!) and with him, Zara, Aidan and Ashmita broke into the Quarterfinals, all of them with pleasantly high scores.  During the Preliminary, when the older speakers in the same category chose for more serious topics and had more flair, our students kept it simple with their lighter topics and they were not intimidated. Their wit and substance certainly seemed to have impressed the judges.

The speakers for the Quarterfinals, which was held on 26 November, 2017, had to speak on a Themed Prepared Speech for 5 minutes. Each of them had a different topic with just one night to prepare. The short period of time and perhaps, fatigue from the whole day of Preliminary did not deter them as each of them gave strong speeches on their themes. They were confident and spoke eloquently.  Gokul, Aidan and Zara broke into the semi-finals! A strong and wonderful achievement for these first-time young speakers.

The semi-finals were Impromptu Speech for 5 minutes. Each of them were given very general topics, e.g. "Beauty", "Entertainment" and "Education". It was certainly a huge challenge to attempt to talk for 5 minutes. However, they did not given up and persevered with Gokul breaking into the Finals!

The overall winner of the Grand Finals in the Junior Category was Michael Yap, Year 10 in SKISS. He was supportive of the SKIPS speakers and together, they were strong as a SriKDU team.

The speakers enjoyed themselves during the event and they were admired by other speakers for their friendliness and team spirit. Well done team SriKDU!