Key Stage 2 Overview

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KS2 (Year 3 - 6, ages 7 - 11) begins the next step in a student’s learning journey and builds on learning from KS1.  Our aim is that all students in KS2 will receive a broad, balanced and enjoyable learning experience that will equip each individual with the skills necessary for a successful transition in to Secondary School. 

Learning takes place through the objectives of the English National Curriculum, this is supplemented by inquiry based themes where our students become immersed in a variety of topics. Our curriculum provides us with opportunities to further develop deep thinking, which is enhanced by the principles of having a Growth Mindset and Building Learning Power (BLP). Students positive attitudes to learning are developed through use of the 4Rs: Resilience; Resourcefulness; Reflectiveness and Reciprocity. We encourage our students to be successful by providing them access to:

  • a classroom environment where all children feel important, safe, secure and supported;

  • becoming more independent and responsible;

  • lessons that allow all students to be successful no matter what their learning style;

  • lessons that are challenging and allow them to think about their learning;

  • a greater understanding of how well they are doing and what they need to do to make progress;

  • learning experiences that take place outside the classroom.

Students are assessed regularly, through self-reflection and teacher feedback, they become increasingly aware of the progress they make and next steps for improvement. This progress is tracked by the teachers, which in turn informs their planning. Planning is differentiated to provide opportunities for each student to reach their potential.

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We continue to encourage and value parents as partners and provide frequent opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning through sharing of half termly Curriculum Overviews, weekly homework tasks, weekly bulletin from the Head Teacher, daily updates online via Class Dojo, a Student Led Conference and Parent - Teacher meetings throughout the year.

We also hold a Meet the Head Teacher Coffee Morning at the start of the year and a Meet the Teacher afternoon during which time parents will be able to visit their child's new classroom and find out about the curriculum. Parent Representatives are nominated by parents of students from each respective class to attend a regular parent forum to discuss the school. Parent Workshops are also organised to assist parents to adapt to the use of new systems or technology that are implemented by the school as well as to highlight the teaching strategies used in class and how parents can best support their child at home.

We hope to be able to answer any questions that you have on these occasions, but are always happy to meet with or arrange telephone appointments to discuss individual concerns that may arise at other times. 


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