Co-curricular Learning At SKIS

Co-curricular learning at Sri KDU International school is an integral part of the school life. We strongly believe that providing an all-rounded education not only creates better students but will also fundamentally allow our students better life opportunities once they leave Sri KDU. To that end we have developed a co-curricular programme that can be accessed by all students and will allow everyone to grow and develop while also supporting their studies throughout their school life. In order to allow for this full and rewarding programme, we have made the decision as a school to embed the co-curricular timetable into the existing school day, primarily on a Wednesday afternoon within SKISS. This allows students to be able to fully immerse themselves within the programme without the worry that other commitments may prove a barrier to their participation.

In SKISS the Co-Ccurricular Learning (CCL) programme is based around the 4 strands of Active, Creative, Academic and Service. Every term students are given the opportunity to choose two CCLs from different strands. We encourage students to participate in activities from all 4 of the strands during the course of the academic year, to enable them to try new and different offerings of the programme that are regularly made available to them.

Within the 4 strands we offer a mix of sessions specifically designed to develop the students through a holistic medium. Examples of the activities on offer can be seen below and represent just a few of the co-curricular options.


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Handball


  • Computer Games Programming
  • Craft Club
  • Jazz Band
  • Culinary


  • Junior Scientist / STEM Challenge
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chess Club


  • Amnesty International
  • Model UN
  • Eco garden
  • Young Enterprise