Academic Results

Our Year 11 Class of 2017 met aspirational targets and attained excellent results for the 2017 IGCSE

Results 1.PNG

Most of our students took 10 or 11 IGCSE subjects which totalled up to roughly 2000 grades of which: 

  • 64% are A*/A vs 60% which is the international benchmark of excellence
  • 84% are A*-B
  • 94% are A*-C

This means that 94% of all the grades achieved by our students are credits or better. 


Cambridge ICE

Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) exposes students to a broad and balanced curriculum and enables them to demonstrate competence in a wide range of subjects. Students are required to take subjects from five curriculum areas:

  • 2 from Languages
  • 1 from Humanities
  • 1 from Sciences
  • 1 from Mathematics
  • 1 from Creative & Vocational

All SKISS students who were eligible passed the ICE. Nevertheless, the level of overall excellence in the school is shown by the fact that 74% of students scored distinctions and 23% have achieved merits. 

Top Performing Subjects

Our students’ outstanding results can also be seen from the breakdown of the IGCSE subject performance. The following subjects achieved 60% and above A*/As: 

Results 2.PNG

Mandarin MFL and Music both achieved 100% A*/A again this year with most grades achieved at A*. Another notable achievement is that Additional Maths achieved 75% A*/A with 32% at A*. Furthermore, 22 subjects in total achieved above the 2016 world average for the percentage of A*/A in their subject.

SKIS Top Achievers

In 2017, we are proud to share that two students accomplished an amazing 12 straight A*s. Yet another student achieved 11A*s, 1A while a fourth student obtained 9A*s, 3As. 

In addition, twenty seven students gained 11A*/As.

There were many individual successes, not just among the top scorers but amongst students who achieved more than they thought possible. 

Well done, SKISS Year 11 Class of 2017!

Year-On-Year Improving Results

The SKIS IGCSE results continue to improve with ever year group, below are some of the outstanding statistics that show our students continued success.