Corporate Social Responsibility

Dignity For Children Foundation

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects for the Dignity for Children Foundation for the 2015/2016 academic year are steadily gaining momentum. Sri KDU International School (SKIS) is working closely with our students and their parents to raise funds for the Dignity Foundation to help underprivileged children in urban communities obtain quality education and improve their lives. Here is a summary of the fundraising events which were organized by SKIS as part of its CSR initiative:


The annual ReadATon, organized by the English Department,has encouraged children to read many books while being sponsored by family and friends in the process. ReadATon 2015 managed to collect a staggering sum of RM60,809.80, well over the RM35,000 plus raised in the previous year. The cheque presentation ceremony was held in Dignity School in Sentul on Thursday 28th January 2016, attended by 12 students from SKIS and 3 students from SKIPS, and accompanied by Mrs Elizabeth Mason, Mrs Sara Sheldon, Ms Orla O’shea and Ms Rachael Barwick. The money will be used to pay for examination fees, provide essential school supplies and uniforms, books for their library and essential medical supplies for the children.

Urban Garden Project

SKIS Eco School started their urban garden project with Dignity Foundation on the 20th January 2016, being piloted by SKIS children in collaboration with Dignity students. The urban garden is designed to provide a sustainable environment for the local communities who are living in the surrounding rural areas within Sentul. The project is being spearheaded by SKIS Eco School Coordinator Ms Vivien Yap working together with Dignity’s students under the guidance of Mr Ben Yap.

This on-going long term project intends to unite students from different cultural backgrounds by working together in planting a variety of local fruit trees on the vacant piece of land of approximately 3,000 square feet which has been approved by DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur). The objective is to grow enough produce and sell it back to the local communities, thus giving our students a chance to work in this collaboration and manage their own small business enterprise towards a sustainable ‘farmer’s market’. To date, some gardening tools worth RM1000.00 have been purchased.

Parents of the SKIS Eco Club children donated RM1700.00 during our annual Eco event held on the 27.7.2016 in cash for Dignity foundation for children to continue to purchase more varieties of plants and pots ensuring the growth of their kitchen garden.

Eco Club

The Eco-School Committee is most widely known as SKIS Eco Kids Green Council at the Sri KDU International School (SKIS). This council has existed since 2012, before joining the Eco-Schools Malaysia Program in 2014. 
The Green Council’s predecessor is SKIS Eco Club Team, started in 2012 as a faculty-led advisory committee by Head of Geography Mr Ed Baxter. The Eco Coordinator position was recommended and accepted by the Eco Club committee. In 2013, Mr Ed Baxter and Ms Vivien Yap (Art and Design Teacher who later became our SKIS Eco coordinator) lead the first team of students setting up the first generation of green council leadership committee lead by KS4 students. Changing our name to Eco kids taking form of our SKIS student lead towards a sustainable education.
Every year, a KS4 Student from year 10 will be selected alongside with their team as the Environmental Coordinators with a President, Vice President and Treasurer. This team will lead the student body sub dividing in to 3 leadership team of councils. KS2- Age group 5-10, KS3- Age group 11-14and KS4 – Age group 15-16. Returning IB Juniors and seniors from SKIS past council leadership under the KS4 continues to work together with the current leadership team lead by 2017 President from year 10. The foundation of SKIS council continues to move forward every year since 2015 when they won the Bronze award in December.  In 2016 SKIS Eco council won the Green Flag award in December. 
The SKIS Eco council leadership team lead by their current President from Year 10 leaders are responsible in organizing and chairing Green Council meetings among the Green Council members, as well as spearhead the council’s activities. 
SKIS Council leaders gets support from both their  Environmental educators/coordinators Ms Vivien Yap and Mr Ed Baxter for SKIS  to become a more sustainable institution by providing guidance and support for teachers integrating sustainability  in to the curriculum, creating opportunities for students to make a contribution outside of SKIS with the partnership of local NGOs, guiding student leadership through green initiatives and advising the Operations and Maintenance team on ways to lessen SKIS’s environmental impact. 
SKIS Green Council designs, implements, monitors and reports environmental education initiatives in both SKIS primary and secondary schools. The Green Council has long been supported by administration staff, teachers, parents, maintenance staff and students from both two school levels, many of whom have devoted their time to Green Council meetings for their entire duration working at SKIS, or living in the State of Selangor, Petaling Jaya.
This year January 2017- December 2017, we have 15 committed members made up of administrative staff representatives, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) representatives, maintenance staff representatives, Secondary Teachers and Primary Teachers.
Since joining Eco-Schools Malaysia in 2014, the SKIS Green Council has planned environmental reviews and sustainable initiatives according to the Eco-Schools 7-step methodology. The Green Council Student Executive Committee create a more all-inclusive opportunity for students to be involved with the school’s environmental education efforts at the management level.
There are also non-executive student members who volunteer their time and effort towards the Green Council as well. 
Eco Council 2017
                                                                                                Eco Council 2017